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Robert S. Warwick  DDS

Robert S. Warwick DDS

Robert S. Warwick DDS

Robert S. Warwick DDSRobert S. Warwick DDS

Smile Makeover


Ready to UPGRADE your smile?

Your smile is usually the first thing most people notice about you. Do you have a confident smile? Would you like too? Smile makeovers are not all about giving you that "Hollywood" smile, unless that's what you want! A smile makeover can help give you the "natural", "youthful" smile you lost somewhere along the way. Let us help you get it back.  

Smile Makeover with Veneers

We offer one day smile makeovers that include 6 Veneers and a non-surgical smile lift. Over time, teeth darken, shift, chip and wear down. While this can add character to your smile, it can also age your smile. A smile makeover can give you back your youthful, bright smile in one appointment. 

Smile Makeover with Veneers, Crowns and Invisilign

We offer smile makeovers that are custom designed to your specific needs. Already have some crowns that show metal or dark edges? Teeth too out of alignment to be straightened in just one visit? We can coordinate and plan the perfect smile for your individual needs using a combination of procedures. Schedule a free consult to see what might work best for you. 

Surgical Smile Lift

Have a "gummy" smile? With a surgical smile lift, show more teeth and less gums in one appointment. Most patients plan to do veneers after their surgical smile lift to make their new smile the best it can be. 

Non-Surgical Smile Lift

Are your gums a little uneven? No problem! With a non-surgical smile lift you can smile with confidence.  


Can I eat right away? Yes

What can I eat? Whatever you ate before.

Can I go back to work? Sorry, but yes!

What if my bite feels different when the numbness wears off? Call us right away. We need to make an adjustment.  

** Biting your finger nails, chewing ice, opening bottles etc. with your teeth is never recommended with your natural teeth or veneers. **